Citizenship for investments

A significant portion of applicants for citizenship for investments are residents of the Asia, Middle East and Africa space.

A large concentration of dollar millionaires in the Asia, Middle East and Africa a to the development of the investment services market. A second passport is purchased not only for visa-free travel, but also with the goal of optimizing taxation.

Immigration agents working with Arab, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Africanand citizens of other countries note some common features common to such clients:


the need to invest a large amount, provide confidential personal data and the desire to control everything on their own often leads the applicant to verify the agent’s legitimacy even through the country’s embassies of potential citizenship.

The difficulty of making an advance payment:

the need to make a prepayment before receiving the result often scares potential investors. In this regard, filing an application for participation in such investment programs of immigrants as QIIP in Canada and EB-5 in the United States is becoming a rather difficult task.

Difficulty confirming the source of income:

the requirement to provide information on the source of income also discourages investment migrants. But this is a prerequisite in most countries.

Due to such peculiarities, upon successful completion of the transaction, the immigration agent has the opportunity to get new clients through word of mouth – acquaintances, relatives receive good feedback and contacts of a trusted agent. If the agent’s work seems unprofessional, a negative reputation may deprive him of a significant segment of customers.

The abundance of offers of immigration agents creates the need to stand out among competitors and attract a client not only in pricing, but also in the professionalism of employees. Choosing a country for a second citizenship, residents of the post-Soviet space prefer to learn a variety of aspects, ranging from the cost of training in private schools, ending with the development of the country’s economy.

Choosing a specialist to whom you entrust your money and citizenship, it is important to contact licensed agents with extensive experience in this field. Unfortunately, fraud in this business is not uncommon.

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