Certificate of investment in the economy of Ukraine

The government has approved a resolution on the possibility for foreign investors to apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine.

“The purpose of the draft resolution is to expand the circle of foreign investors who will have the right to obtain an immigration permit to Ukraine, improve the investment climate, further improve the procedure for processing applications from foreigners and stateless persons of all categories who have applied for an immigration permit to Ukraine.” , – it is said in the explanatory note to the document. (link to the Explanatory Note: http://materialy.kmu.gov.ua/25b1afc3/docs/dd4c531f/Poyasnyuvalna_zapiska.pdf )

Foreigners and stateless persons who transfer funds from their own foreign account in foreign currency to the current account of an enterprise established by this foreign investor in Ukraine have the opportunity to apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine, then the LCA will consider this application, and in the event that such an application does not contradict the law, it will decide on an immigration permit.

Banks, their separate subdivisions (branches, offices, representative offices) issue to a person who has initiated an application for an immigration permit, a certificate of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine, which contains information on the receipt of such an immigrant’s foreign investment in the form of foreign convertible currency, made by an immigrant, in the amount of not less than 100 thousand dollars. from the own foreign account of such an immigrant to the current account of the enterprise created by this immigrant in our country.

Such a certificate will be signed by the head of the bank or its separate subdivision (branch, branch, representative office), will contain the date of issue, number, will be stamped, and will be valid for six months from the date of issue.

The resolution stipulates that before making a decision on granting an immigration permit to persons who have made foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in the form of foreign convertible currency in the amount of at least 100 thousand dollars, the LCA will find out whether such foreign investment has been returned by sending a request to the bank or its separate subdivision (branch, office, representative office), which issued a certificate of receipt of such foreign investment in the economy of our state.

This will regulate the issue of simplifying the procedure for applying for a temporary residence permit for certain categories of foreigners.

Also, territorial subdivisions at the place of residence, to which applications for immigration permits are submitted, file cases, check the grounds, legality of immigrants’ stay in Ukraine, the information specified by them in the application for immigration permits, the authenticity of submitted documents, and their compliance, their requirements legislation, etc.

It is necessary to check the information provided by the foreigner in the application form for granting an immigration permit, because it is established that foreigners often hide simultaneous citizenship of several states, change of full name or part of it, the presence of outstanding convictions, false information about the address their place of residence, etc.

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