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Invitation for e-visa to Ukraine

In order to issue a short-stay visa, in addition to those specified in paragraph 5 of these Rules, one of the following documents shall be submitted: 1) an invitation to a legal entity registered in Ukraine, drawn up on an

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Registration of invitations for e-visa

To enter Ukraine, citizens from some countries can get an e-visa. However, to obtain it, in addition to the insurance policy and other documents, you must have a document that serves as the basis for entry, usually an invitation letter.

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Invitation to a foreigner to Ukraine

For foreign citizens wishing to come to Ukraine, you must apply for a visa to enter the territory of our state. Entrance for citizens from different countries is regulated differently. Entry for citizens of the European Union, the CIS and

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Invitation to Ukraine for Foreigners

Invitation to Ukraine for Foreigners.Ukrainian Visa WE OFFER THREE TYPES OF INVITATIONS FOR YOU TO ENTER UKRAINE: Private Invitation to Ukraine. Invitation to Ukraine from a private person. Business Invitation to Ukraine. Invitation to Ukraine from a company. Tourist Invitation

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