Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the news of the creation of a new university.
According to the information, the presentation of the new educational institution is almost ready.
The institution will cooperate with Ukrainian research and research by partner states. The CyberCenter will involve Ukrainian, European and American analysts.

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For several years, Ukrainian politicians and the government have been trying to reorganize the education system to the standards of the European Union. Ukrainian eminent universities have already entered the world rankings several times. Taras Grigorovich Shevchenko National University has …

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The money allocated by the World Bank will go to the audit of each higher education institution, so specialists will be able to assess the level of each university, college and conclude how appropriate it is to continue the operation of this institution. Decisions will also be made to close the school or continue its operation.

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Education is an integral part of life, there are now more than 190 countries in the world with their educational institutions, students, and those wishing to study. In this article, I want to raise the topic of education in Ukraine, …

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In our time, education doesn’t lose its relevance. The number of educated people increase with every century. Previously, the girl couldn’t even believe that she will study at the university. And now the struggle for women’s rights has spread throughout …

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