For several years, Ukrainian politicians and the government have been trying to reorganize the education system to the standards of the European Union. Ukrainian eminent universities have already entered the world rankings several times. Taras Grigorovich Shevchenko National University has …

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Many people often think about investing and ask questions Where? How? When? Invest. Reason #1 Many people choose Ukraine due to factors one of which is a low property tax. The tax is about $ 2 per square meter per …

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The money allocated by the World Bank will go to the audit of each higher education institution, so specialists will be able to assess the level of each university, college and conclude how appropriate it is to continue the operation of this institution. Decisions will also be made to close the school or continue its operation.

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Everyone knows the general rule that enshrines consideration of an application for citizenship for no more than 12 months. In this article, we will analyze such a basis for obtaining citizenship as being married to a Ukrainian woman for more than 2 years.

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Education is an integral part of life, there are now more than 190 countries in the world with their educational institutions, students, and those wishing to study. In this article, I want to raise the topic of education in Ukraine, …

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When it comes to planned migration to Ukraine, starting a business in our country, studying or simply implementing certain legal actions on the territory of the Ukrainian state, the question of legalizing foreign documents here arises. Despite the modern level …


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 Когда речь заходит о плановой миграции в Украину, открытии бизнеса в нашей стране, учебы или просто осуществлении на территории украинского государства тех или иных правовых действий, встает вопрос легализации здесь иностранных документов. Несмотря на современный уровень развития технологий, легкость доступа …


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ВРЕМЕННОЕ УДОСТОВЕРЕНИЕ ГРАЖДАНИНА УКРАИНЫ В КОНТЕКСТЕ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ГРАЖДАНСТВА УКРАИНЫ В данной статье к Вашему вниманию предлагается рассмотреть вопрос получения Временного удостоверения гражданина Украины — документа, который выдается иностранцу после подачи заявления на получение гражданства Украины и позитивного принятия решения в …


The government has approved a resolution on the possibility for foreign investors to apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine. “The purpose of the draft resolution is to expand the circle of foreign investors who will have the right to …

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From 2011 year attorney Mr. Alexander Nick. Yevsyutin (Instagram – Alexander Evsutin) visited country in Pakistan, where there is the office of our company since 2010. Now from the beginning of 2020 and even at the moment he resides in …

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For citizens of Belarus, due to the situation in the country, Ukraine has made it possible to obtain a residence permit

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