Let me remind you that hyperinflation is called inflation with high or extremely high rates. Different sources indicate different criteria. This can be a price increase of over 100% in 3 years; more than 50% per month; more than 10 times a year.

Now in Ukraine, they began to talk about the Draft Law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine” On Citizenship of Ukraine. “The essence of this draft law is that in the case of voluntary acquisition of Russian citizenship, such a newly-made citizen of Russia is automatically deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. Ukraine, this person is deprived of the right to free medicine, which is provided for citizens of Ukraine, as well as the right to a pension and the right to choose, during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine.

So, in Asian countries, many residents do not even have an idea, for example, about consumer rights (the example was given above). In many Asian countries, consumer rights will depend on the seller. So, if you bought something, then you can return it only if your seller is just a nice person and agrees to take it back. If you turn to the legislation, you will see that in this situation the law does not protect you

The Arab countries also made it easier to enter and made comfortable conditions. So now there are direct flights of the Saudi low-cost Flynas. Flights of this company fly every day from Kyiv airport. This company also launched its direct flights from Lviv.
Ukraine and Arab countries have a visa-free regime, that is, when visiting an Arab country, you do not have to go to the embassy to obtain a visa and pay a fee.

If you want to return the product, and the store tells you that you need a check, we want to say that there is no such provision in the Consumer Rights Protection Law, if you have a bank card statement, you can name the time and date of purchase, and the manager at the cash register finds the transaction. If the store does not have a cash register, then such a store grossly violates the law, because according to the Tax Code of Ukraine, the use of PPO (cash register, fiscal registrar) must be: all stores and online stores in the form of FOP that sell technically complex household goods, medicines and medical goods, jewelry sellers, and organizations that provide paid medical services.

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the news of the creation of a new university.
According to the information, the presentation of the new educational institution is almost ready.
The institution will cooperate with Ukrainian research and research by partner states. The CyberCenter will involve Ukrainian, European and American analysts.

Documents that will be required when concluding a land purchase and sale transaction:
• Passport and identification code of the seller and the buyer;
• A document that confirms the ownership of this plot of land, as well as an extract from the register of owners;
• Extract from the state land cadastre
• Report on the expert appraisal of the land plot

The vaccination passport in the European Union has been called “Digital Green Certificates”. They will be free and available in digital or paper format. The information in such certificates will be duplicated in English and the official language of the issuing country. The certificate must have a barcode, date, and place of vaccination, type of vaccine, etc.

The realities of 2020-2021 are deeply disappointing for many. If before no one was chained to one place, but was constantly on the move, now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many have become prisoners of their homes. Most countries have closed their borders to tourists to protect citizens, many businesses have gone online because it can save on rental bills, etc., as well as protect themselves from COVID-19, so most of the productive time many people began to spend at home. We want to say that you can not be upset and think about future trips, because in July, in Ukraine, there will be a Vaccination Passport, which will allow you to visit many countries without any restrictions.

Многие иностранцы, по приезду в Украину, ищут варианты как задержаться тут как можно на дольше. Многие выбирают вариант с женитьбой на украинке или же приезжают к своей девушке, у которой есть постоянный вид на жительство и женятся на ней.
Этап 1 :

From June 17, 2021, new entry rules have been introduced. Now, when entering Ukraine, the delivery of a PCR test to present a negative result, or 14 days of self-isolation, has been canceled. At the moment, you can fly to Ukraine and not take any tests, which will help avoid discomfort while staying in Ukraine.

After the political situation and the partial “closure of the sky” in Belarus, as well as the absence of serious sanctions from the European Union, a scary economic problem began in Belarus related to strikes and the positioning of Belarus and its government on the world stage.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. If a person flies from the aforementioned countries to Turkey, then in addition to a negative test, he will need to undergo 14 days of isolation in Turkey and a negative test passed on the territory of Turkey will not affect the duration of isolation in any way. This rule is in effect to reduce the incidence of diseases on the Coronavirus. Since Turkey is a tourist country, most of the income of which teaches in the summer from tourists who come on vacation, the authorities are trying their best to stimulate the tourist season and prevent new outbreaks of the disease.

The first innovation is that now everyone will be vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, thereby hoping to prevent a new outbreak of the Corona virus. This vaccine does not require re-vaccination after 2 weeks, thus facilitating the vaccination phase. That is, now, in addition to a negative test for the corona virus, it will also be necessary to be vaccinated

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