Beware, fake passports

Subdivisions of the State Border Service continue to identify forged passport and other documents

The main expert-forensic center continues to carry out tasks on forensic and technical and criminalistic support of state border guard agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

So, only last week, based on the results of forensic examinations on the decisions of the pre-trial investigation investigative authorities appointed in the criminal proceedings opened under Art. 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and expert studies on the requests of the heads of State Border Guard Bodies of State Border Service, experts of the Main Center installed 2 completely counterfeit passports of Ukrainian citizens, a completely counterfeit passport of a Moldovan citizen, 2 partially counterfeit passports of citizens of Bulgaria and France, 12 forged impressions of competent Ukrainian authorities and others .

In addition, the experts of the Main Center took part in carrying out joint investigative (search) actions with the officers of the Department for the Protection of National Statehood of the Security Service of Ukraine for the pre-trial investigation initiated by the illegal movement of members of international terrorist organizations across the state border of Ukraine by issuing passports of Ukrainian citizens for traveling abroad. During the operational activities it was recorded and identified: stamps on the crossing of the borders of the EU member states, stamps of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, migration cards of one of the CIS countries, visas of Arab states, passports of citizens of Ukraine – Crimea residents, certificates on registration of internally displaced persons persons, as well as other materials that were used in unlawful activities.

The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.

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