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UA Immigration firm, Law Offices of Alexander N. YEUSIUTIN, P.C. Law Offices of Alexander N. YEUSIUTIN, P.C., immigration law firm, was started in 2007. It is headed by UA Immigration Attorney, Alexander N. YEUSIUTIN, providing immigration help and assistance to clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnepr (DP) and all remaining regions and abroad.

In 2020, it will be easier to go to work in Germany

In 2020, it will be easier to go to work in Germany Ukrainians will be easier to go to work in Germany: new rules From 2020, Germany will open the labor market, allowing it to legally work in it people

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Scammers dating sites will not give you a chance

Scammers dating sites will not give you a chance If you think that you can find a Ukrainian wife on major dating sites, then you are greatly mistaken. It is not real. Watch the video to the end and you

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Residence permit in Ukraine

How to apply for a residence permit? Although sometimes a visa is not required to stay on the territory of Ukraine, in some cases it is necessary to have an identification tax code and residence card. As a result of

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Dating service in Ukraine – scam

Now there are a lot of dating sites that are very popular among foreigners and the United States of Canada, European Union countries and Australia. On these sites, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian women allegedly communicate with these foreigners in chat

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Invitation for e-visa to Ukraine

In order to issue a short-stay visa, in addition to those specified in paragraph 5 of these Rules, one of the following documents shall be submitted: 1) an invitation to a legal entity registered in Ukraine, drawn up on an

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Fake marriage with a citizen of Ukraine

Assistance in making a marriage for a foreigner with a citizen of Ukraine Why does an alien need a marriage? For foreigners or stateless persons wishing to obtain an immigration permit, a permanent residence permit, and then Ukrainian citizenship, one

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How to work as a foreigner in Ukraine: who needs permission

In accordance with Part 1 of Art. 54 of the Law of Ukraine “On International Private Law“, labor relations of foreigners and stateless persons working in Ukraine are not regulated by the law of Ukraine in the event that: foreigners

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History of the immigration practice

Immigration practice has become one of the key issues in the activity of the newly created lawyer Alexander Evsutin in 2009, the law firm Advocate-consulting Bureau EMP (www.donadvocat.com). This was due to the experience of mr. Evsutin, which had been worked

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6 ways to legalize a foreigner in Ukraine

Learn for free the 6 most common ways to legalize a foreigner in Ukraine? Through employment in the enterprise. Through marriage to a citizen of Ukraine. Through the child – a citizen of Ukraine or other relatives. Through volunteering in

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The process of obtaining an electronic visa

The process of obtaining an electronic visa is designed as simplified as possible. To apply for an electronic visa you need: Register on the MFA web platform https://evisa.mfa.gov.ua/ Fill out the form online, upload photos and scanned copies of documents

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Registration of invitations for e-visa

To enter Ukraine, citizens from some countries can get an e-visa. However, to obtain it, in addition to the insurance policy and other documents, you must have a document that serves as the basis for entry, usually an invitation letter.

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About e-visa to Ukraine

E-Visa (a visa that is issued electronically) is a permit required for entry into Ukraine or for transit travel through its territory, which is issued remotely online – using the Internet and a special visa information and telecommunication system. Visa

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Changes in the rules for obtaining e-visas to Ukraine

The cost of issuing electronic visas to Ukraine has been increased from $ 65 to $ 85. “ Now, the visa in electronic form is issued as a one-time visa for up to 30 days for entry into Ukraine for

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Cancellation of visa on arrival

Ukraine unilaterally canceled the issuance of visas at airports in Ukraine for citizens of such countries as: Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bahamas, Barbados, Bahrain, Republic of Vanuatu, Republic of Guatemala, Republic of Honduras, Grenada, Commonwealth of Dominica, Republic of

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E-visa countries in Ukraine

LIST OF STATE to citizens of which an e-Visa is issued Australia Commonwealth of the Bahamas Barbados Kingdom of Bahrain Belize Multinational state of Bolivia Kingdom of Bhutan Republic of Vanuatu Republic of Haiti Republic of Guatemala Republic of Honduras

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Visas to Ukraine

Types of visas to Ukraine Visas, depending on the purpose of the trip, are divided into the following types, denoted by the alphanumeric code (letters of the Latin alphabet – in the machine readable zone): transit visa (indicated by the

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Moldovan citizenship for investment

Today a new European program on registration of citizenship for investments in Moldova has appeared. The main applicant must be over 18 and make a non-refundable contribution to the State Investment Fund. The following options are available (minimum amounts indicated):

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Ukraine visit visa requirements for pakistan

Ukraine visit visa requirements for Pakistan It should be noted that Visa Centres will only be providing applicants with pre-decision making services on filing visa applications to Ukraine’s Embassy in Pakistan. Visa decisions upon every application will be made by Ukraine’s

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Exchange of temporary residence permit

The exchange of a temporary residence permit (initiation) certificate is carried out in the case of: 1) changes to the information included in the “posvidka”; 2) identification of errors in the information entered in the “posvidka”; 3) the expiration of

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For a residence permit a foreigner presents

At the moment, in connection with the entry into force of the Procedure for processing, issuing, exchanging, canceling, sending, withdrawing, returning to the state, invalidation and destruction of a residence permit, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of

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