Answers to the most frequently asked questions about immigration to Ukraine.

Go to Kiev? What are the options?!

Our specialists have studied in more detail the options for finding a job and moving to Ukraine from the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries. there are many objective advantages to the decision to move.

What’s the point in moving?

The main advantage is that Ukrainian IT specialists mostly work for Western clients, and as we said, the cost of living in Ukraine is very low, so if you receive a salary in dollars, you will feel very comfortable.

The average salary in the industry is $ 2,000. The average salary for mid and senior specialists will be even higher.

What about taxes?

In Ukraine, it is customary to discuss and indicate the actual amount “on hand”, that is, $ 2,000 is a sum, net of taxes, which the employee receives. In Ukraine, almost all self-denominated IT specialists, even if they work for a company, are registered as individuals as entrepreneurs. Therefore, the IT sphere has been developing in Ukraine, actively for the last 10 years. For 2021, about 200,000 specialists work only in Kiev, because it is here that international IT companies are now concentrated, which are actively hiring specialists.

 It’s clear with salaries, but what about prices?

Renting a one-room apartment in Kyiv will cost around $ 300. Lunch at a restaurant – $ 5. Metro fare – $ 0.29, taxi ride – $ 5-10. A kilogram of meat costs $ 4-5, a movie ticket $ 3-4.

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine?

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and many other countries can enter Ukraine without a visa, and already on the spot to issue documents for living in Ukraine. There are several options for legalization. For official employment, you must obtain a work permit. There are preferential legalization conditions for IT specialists. A number of IT companies have separate programs for relocation, but we offer you the opportunity to choose the company and conditions yourself.

You can find out about all these nuances at a consultation at United International Partners!

What specialties are in demand in Ukraine?

Any Senior and Mid programmers, experienced testers and business analysts, designers and marketers (with knowledge of English). The market is rich in various companies and projects: there are products and outsourcers, game makers, startups, e-commerse, fintech, mobile development, and all sorts of other technologies. Finding a project and a team to your liking is not difficult.

Is professional development possible in Kiev?

Definitely yes! In Kiev, conferences are regularly held for any specialists with the invitation of Western speakers, there are many professional communities and several venues where professional events are held every week. Ukraine is a springboard – there are many relocation programs to the West in different companies, from Lithuania and Poland to the USA and Australia. In principle, anyone who sets himself the goal of pursuing a career in the West has the opportunity to do so. But most of them stay to work here, tk. with a programmer’s salary, you can afford a high standard of living.

What is the city of Kiev like? What to do in it?

About four million people live in Kiev, in terms of the number of people Kiev is comparable to London, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Milan. The city has infrastructure and leisure activities for every taste: nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and operas, bowling alleys and go-karts, amusement parks for children, modern water parks, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, parks, a bike path through the whole city, a club in the KHL; in a word, what the inhabitants of megacities are accustomed to.

What is the attitude towards the Russian language in Ukraine?

 Ukraine is a large country where a Russian-speaking person is very comfortable to live. In Kiev, almost everyone communicates in Russian and there are no questions if you do not speak Ukrainian. However, if you want to learn Ukrainian, it will be easy for you, as it is very similar to Russian. What is the political situation in Ukraine? Unlike the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and soon many other post-Soviet countries, in Ukraine the people were able to defend freedom and independence from the ruling superstructure, from the state. It is this freedom that now attracts foreigners not only from the former USSR countries, but even from the EU and the USA and Canada.

Is it safe in Ukraine?

Yes, you can leave your car in a permitted place anywhere overnight and walk the streets at night. It is completely safe. Shootings in Donbass for 700 km. from Kiev do not affect the situation in the capital.

What about children?

There are many good schools and gymnasiums in Kiev. There are also a number of public and private universities. In general, in terms of education, Kiev is not inferior, and in some places even surpasses Moscow and Minsk.

What are the other benefits of working and living in Kiev?

There are 700 km to Warsaw, 800 km to Moscow, 600 km to Minsk. Any of these cities, if desired, can be visited by car over the weekend. The city is clean and beautiful. There are practically no Moscow problems with traffic jams in Kiev. Ukrainian products are of high quality. Girls are very fond of programmers, being a programmer is fashionable. In connection with the strengthening of the policy of feminism and loyalty to LGBT people in the West, it is Ukraine that is becoming almost the only country where relations between a man and a woman have not yet undergone significant changes. In Ukraine, it is really possible to create a strong family, which is practically unrealistic to do in the EU or America, especially for an immigrant.

Are there other countries that are more suitable for living?

There are a lot of countries in the world, but if we compare all the pros and cons, then for a Russian-speaking person who is accustomed to a certain level of freedom and prosperity at the moment, the most comfortable place to live is Kiev, which is confirmed by foreigners by the very fact of moving to Ukraine and every year the number immigrants are growing. At the same time, there are now more and more immigrants from the EU, the USA, Canada, Punjabi to Ukraine, as the tendency for the worsening of the situation in developed countries is gaining momentum. Many immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, who gave birth in developed countries and understood all the truth of life, move to Ukraine.

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