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.ua — national top-level domain for Ukraine. Domain is intended for registration of names relating to Ukraine.

Private subdomains of the second level are registered only for of their respective trademark owners. There are public second-level domains, the registration of which is made without restrictions.

Suffix Regulated users

.com.ua business organizations, corporations

.net.ua Providers, organizations related to networks

.org.ua non-profit, non-governmental organizations, private individuals

.edu.ua state and non-State educational institutions of III and IV level of accreditation

.gov.ua Public institutions

.in.ua Families, individuals


Geographical domains:

.ck.ua and cherkassy.ua Cherkasy oblast

.crimea.ua Crimea

.cn.ua .ch.ua and chernigov.ua Chernihiv oblast

.cv.ua and chernovtsy.ua Chernivtsi oblast

.dn.ua and donetsk.ua Donetsk oblast

.dp.ua and dnepropetrovsk.ua Dnipropetrovsk oblast

.if.ua and ivano-frankivsk.ua Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

.kiev.ua Kyiv and Kyiv oblast

.kh.ua and kharkov.ua Kharkiv oblast

.km.ua and khmelnitskiy.ua Khmel’nyts’ka oblast’

.kr.ua and kirovograd.ua Kirovohrad oblast

.ks.ua and kherson.ua Kherson oblast

.lg.ua and lugansk.ua Luhansk oblast

.lutsk.ua and lt.ua and volyn.ua Lutsk, Volyns’ka oblast

.lviv.ua Lviv oblast

.mk.ua and nikolaev.ua Mykolaiv oblast

.od.ua and odessa.ua Odessa oblast

.pl.ua and poltava.ua Poltava region

.rv.ua and rovno.ua Rivne oblast

.sebastopol.ua Sevastopol

.sumy.ua Sumska oblast

.te.ua and ternopil.ua Ternopil oblast

.uz.ua and uzhgorod.ua Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region

.vn.ua and vinnica.ua Winnitca region

.yalta.ua Yalta

.zp.ua and zaporizhzhe.ua Zaporizhia oblast

.zt.ua and zhitomir.ua Zhytomyrska oblast


The Immigration Law Office was established in 2007. It provides assistance to foreign clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnipro (DP), Lviv (LV), Kharkiv (KH), Lugansk (LG) and Donetsk (DN) regions, Crimea (KR) and others regions of Ukraine.

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