About e-visa to Ukraine

E-Visa (a visa that is issued electronically) is a permit required for entry into Ukraine or for transit travel through its territory, which is issued remotely online – using the Internet and a special visa information and telecommunication system.

Visa information and telecommunications system is an electronic information and telecommunications system designed to store, protect and process information about a person and visas, which are processed using its funds.

Requirements for issuing visas in electronic form are established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

On what period?

E-visa is issued as a one-off – for up to 30 days to enter Ukraine with a business, private, tourist purpose, as well as for the purpose of treatment, activities in the field of culture, science, education, sports, with the purpose of performing official duties by a foreign correspondent or representative of a foreign media.

The entry into Ukraine of a foreigner on the basis of an e-Visa is carried out at international checkpoints across the state border.

When can I file?

To obtain an electronic visa, a foreigner submits a visa application no earlier than three months and no later than 10 working days before the start of the planned trip. The visa application on behalf of a minor or incapacitated person is filed by one of the parents or another legal representative.

Filing a visa application includes:

  • registration on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • fill out a visa application form and upload photos;

admission to the completed application form scanned copies:

  • personal data pages of the passport document;
  • a valid health insurance policy covering expenses of at least € 30,000 or equivalent in another currency, unless otherwise provided by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine;
  • a document confirming the existence of sufficient financial security for the period of the planned stay and for returning to the state of origin or transit to a third state or the opportunity to receive sufficient financial security in a legal way on the territory of Ukraine;
  • a document confirming the purpose of the trip (in Ukrainian or English) in accordance with the points indicated below;
  • payment of the consular fee in a cashless form using electronic means of payment through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About invitation letter to Ukraine with the established special rules.

Do I need to print it on a printer?

For entry into the territory of Ukraine and departurefrom the territory of Ukraine, the e-Visa is submitted by a foreigner in hard copy together with a passport document to an official of the state border guard bodies and is maintained for the entire duration of his stay in Ukraine.