A raid was conducted to identify violators of migration legislation

In the Zaporizhzhya region, a raid was conducted to identify violators of migration legislation

On June 15, employees of the Office of the State Migration Service in the Zaporizhzhya Oblast, together with the employees of the Department of the Prevention of Illegal Migration, and the Department of Prevention of Illegal Migration Department, together with the operational personnel of the ARO of the ACHRU, the mobile bail of the Berdyansk border detachment, with the involvement of the special purpose police battalion conducted an out-of-bounds check on the detection of foreign citizens, who are in the territory of our state in violation of the law.

The inspection lasted in the Kamensky-Dneprovsky District of the region on a large trading platform near the village of Vodyane, where the wholesale and retail market is located and there are a large number of foreigners involved in the purchase of vegetables and fruits. The total legality of the stay in the country was checked by more than 300 people, one hundred foreigners.

As a result of the work, 2 illegal migrants – citizens of Armenia and Azerbaijan – were identified. The latter was in Ukraine without documents for the right to reside and did not leave the country on time. A citizen of Armenia, in an attempt to avoid administrative responsibility and introduce misleading migrant workers, called another name of his acquaintance who has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. The employees of the Department for the Prevention of Illegal Migration Management, together with the operational personnel of the ORU ACHRU, carried out all necessary operative actions to ascertain the identity of the foreigner and establish his legality of stay.

Regarding the offenders, administrative protocols were drawn up in accordance with Part 1, Article 203 of the KUpAP (Violation by foreigners and stateless persons of the rules of stay in Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine) and decisions on their forced return from Ukraine were made. In addition, a protocol was drawn up under Art. 203 KUpAP and Art. 205 KUpAP.

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