A company in the EU – free! The Baltic – Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius

Interview with our partner and entrepreneur – the head of the agency in Tallinn – Sergey Semenov.

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In the video, he talks about how you can create a business in the Baltic states, export goods to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, about the foreign labor market and immigration.


Since 2002, Sergey Semenov has been engaged in marketing and advertising, promoting products of local manufacturers, manufacturers from other countries, entering the Estonian market, establishing contacts with retail chains, consultations in the field of public relations, communications, media, and the press, distinguishing assistance in communicating with departments, with politics, obtaining a license, full support of any issues in the Baltic countries.

A conversation about international relations, about cooperation and business support in the Baltic states.


  • What is interesting about the Baltic States, what can we offer here.
  • Scaling up international business.
  • So promising business.
  • Entering new markets from Ukraine.

Interviewer – Alexander Evsutin – CEO of UIP company.

A.N. Evsutin specializes in matters related to international relations:

+ immigration of business and citizens,
+ family disputes between foreign citizens ,,
+ foreign investment in Ukraine, the EU, America, Asia and Africa,
+ international business scaling,
+ international asset conservation tools,
+ protection and safety of citizens and business,

To ensure security for every citizen, his family and business, it is worth using international tools.
Even if you have not realized this yet, the situation in your region or city may change even to the point where you have to emigrate.

I suggest now to prepare yourself for a possible move, expand your capabilities, gain new knowledge about relationships at the international level, and scale up your business in other countries.

This will give you, besides bright and pleasant impressions, true freedom and security in our unstable World.

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