A raid was conducted to identify violators of migration legislation

In the Zaporizhzhya region, a raid was conducted to identify violators of migration legislation

On June 15, employees of the Office of the State Migration Service in the Zaporizhzhya Oblast, together with the employees of the Department of the Prevention of Illegal Migration, and the Department of Prevention of Illegal Migration Department, together with the operational personnel of the ARO of the ACHRU, the mobile bail of the Berdyansk border detachment, with the involvement of the special purpose police battalion conducted an out-of-bounds check on the detection of foreign citizens, who are in the territory of our state in violation of the law.

The inspection lasted in the Kamensky-Dneprovsky District of the region on a large trading platform near the village of Vodyane, where the wholesale and retail market is located and there are a large number of foreigners involved in the purchase of vegetables and fruits. The total legality of the stay in the country was checked by more than 300 people, one hundred foreigners.

As a result of the work, 2 illegal migrants – citizens of Armenia and Azerbaijan – were identified. The latter was in Ukraine without documents for the right to reside and did not leave the country on time. A citizen of Armenia, in an attempt to avoid administrative responsibility and introduce misleading migrant workers, called another name of his acquaintance who has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. The employees of the Department for the Prevention of Illegal Migration Management, together with the operational personnel of the ORU ACHRU, carried out all necessary operative actions to ascertain the identity of the foreigner and establish his legality of stay.

Regarding the offenders, administrative protocols were drawn up in accordance with Part 1, Article 203 of the KUpAP (Violation by foreigners and stateless persons of the rules of stay in Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine) and decisions on their forced return from Ukraine were made. In addition, a protocol was drawn up under Art. 203 KUpAP and Art. 205 KUpAP.

Make migration documents on time.

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Registration in Kiev

The residence permit (residence) of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as a foreigner or stateless person at a certain address, is considered as a residence permit.
Registration for foreigners is mandatory within 30 days from the date of receipt of the certificate for temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine, as well as when changing the previous place of residence.

The law firm has been providing residence registration services in Kyiv for 8 years. All of our addresses are our own apartments, which in turn guarantees reliability.

Thus, your registration in Kiev will be absolutely legal.

We have addresses in all districts of Kiev:

Darnytskyy 3 500,00 UAH.
Podolsky 4 200,00 UAH.
Shevchenkivskyi 4 200,00 UAH.
Solomensky 4 500,00 UAH.
Desnianskyi 5 500,00 UAH.
Svyatoshinsky 5 500,00 UAH.
Dniprovsky 6 000,00 UAH.
Goloseevsky 7 000,00 UAH.
Obolonsky 7 000,00 UAH.
Pecherskiy 10 000,00 UAH.

Documents required from you:

1. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a certificate of temporary / permanent residence in Ukraine (for foreigners);
2. Military ticket (for men, citizens of Ukraine);
3. A voucher for an extract from the previous place of residence, if the client at the moment of filing of documents is not registered anywhere;
4. Personal presence in the NCAP.

Before filing documents at the CNAP for registration of the place of residence, the client always sees the owner of the apartment, and also has the opportunity to check the documents confirming the right to own an apartment, at this address. After reviewing the documents, if the client does not have comments, an agreement on the lease of the apartment for a specified period is drawn up, and then the documents for registration are submitted.

Our advantages:

– Registration of place of residence is carried out only in own apartments;
– The lowest prices;
– Speed ​​of the provided service (1 day);
– Guarantee of the result;
– Available in all districts of Kiev;
– Lack of intermediaries;
– Notification of receiving incoming correspondence for you;
– Ability to register for a month, six months, year with a further extension.

The law firm guarantees that registration of registration will take place without unnecessary delays and surprises. The entire procedure for registration at the new address is carried out within clearly defined terms and in accordance with the law. This is the main difference when the registration in Kiev with our company is legal, quick and easy.

The situation is such that basically all the difficulties in registration due to the fact that there is no trust between the owner of a Kiev apartment and a person who needs registration in Kiev. Because these relations come into contact with other people. Law firm to take care that when you receive a stamp in the passport were honest and legal. Therefore, we guarantee our customers 100% result.

Together with our company, you can buy a residence in Kiev legally, easily and without any hassle.

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Section of property of a spouse during divorce in Ukraine

Unfortunately, in our time such a phenomenon as divorce through the court becomes a social norm for our society. In this regard, the spouses have many legal issues, and one of them “how to share the property together”? The law firm “Yevsiutin & Partners” is ready to express its opinion on this subject.

First of all, it should be noted that there is a personal private property of a husband and wife and the common property of the spouses. According to Art. 57 of the Family Code of Ukraine, the personal property of a spouse includes: property acquired by one of spouses prior to marriage, property acquired by a husband or wife by concluding a contract of gift or by inheritance, as well as if the property was acquired during marriage, but for the money of one of the spouses , belonging to him personally.

Section of property and personal property of spouses

As judicial practice shows, to recognize the right of ownership of the personal property of a spouse or a spouse to property purchased by them during the marriage, but for the money of one of the spouses who belonged to him personally, can be in court. To prove these facts, there will be two components. First, it is money owned by a husband or wife prior to marriage or acquired by giving them a gift or inheritance. Secondly, when purchasing property in the contract of sale was indicated, the cost, which is proportional to the amount of the contract of donation or inheritance. Thus, this is evidence that this property was bought by a spouse or a spouse at his own expense.

It is also necessary to draw attention to the fact that the personal property of the spouses of Art. 57 of the Family Code of Ukraine include things of individual use, such as prizes, rewards received by a husband or wife for merits, including jewels, even if they were acquired at the expense of the common funds of the spouses, and this list is not exhaustive.

Section of property in divorce and common property of the spouses

Now let’s look at the joint joint property of the spouses, and how the division of property will take place in divorce. According to Art. 60 of the Family Code of Ukraine, property acquired during a marriage belongs to a spouse and a spouse on the right of joint ownership, regardless of what one of them did not have for a valid reason (education, household, child care, self-employment). From the above rule one can conclude that regardless of whether the husband or wife worked when it was purchased, for example, real estate, it is considered as a joint property of the spouses, and thus, the property section of the spouses will occur in equal shares.

However, it should be noted that there are exceptions. According to Art. 62 of the Family Code of Ukraine, if the property of a wife, husband during the marriage significantly increased in value due to the joint labor or monetary costs or expenses of the other spouse, it in the event of a dispute can be recognized by the court decision as the object of the joint property rights of the spouses. For example, if a man had a private home before his marriage, and in the marriage, through joint efforts of the husband and wife, the house increased significantly (from one storey to two floors), then, on the basis of a court decision, the private house of a man is recognized as a joint property of the same, and in this case divorce division of property will be in equal shares.

In some cases, when dividing a property you can increase its share

Also Article 70 of the Family Code of Ukraine stipulates that by the court decision the share of the property of the wife, the husband may be increased if she or her children live with him, as well as a disabled full son, daughter, provided that the amount of maintenance they receive is not sufficient for ensuring their physical, spiritual development and treatment.

In other words, if after the divorce the children live with their spouses and the child support is not enough (say, the court has set a minimum alimony of 30% of the minimum subsistence minimum), or there is an arrears of alimony, then based on the division of property, the court’s decision on the share of the wife may be increased.

Property section after divorce and limitation

Finally, I would like to note that the limitation period does not apply to the requirements for the division of property, which is the object of the law of joint property of the spouses, if the marriage between them is not terminated. The requirements for the division of property declared after the dissolution of a marriage, the limitation period of three years applies.

After divorce, if you have a joint property, then it is better not to waste time and deal with the issue of its distribution. Since after the expiry of the limitation period of three years, you can not file a lawsuit to the court on the division of property, you can not, and the property will remain in the ownership of the husband or wife, depending on who issued the ownership. In this case, it is possible to file a lawsuit only after the expiry of the limitation period.




The law firm “UiP” offers lawyer assistance in support of migration to Ukraine and immigration cases of special complexity in Ukraine and abroad, on extradition to Ukraine and Ukraine, on migration from Ukraine and Ukraine, on disputes with state bodies.

We also organize a set of measures to ensure the safety and protection of foreigners in Ukraine.

  • Over 20 years of experience.

  • Huge experience of our lawyers and specialists in the state migration service, investigative, prosecutorial and judicial positions.


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Support for the development of volunteer activities in Ukraine  

On involving civil society organizations in the provision of proposals on state support for the development of volunteer activities in Ukraine

By Order No. 179-r of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 21, 2018, the Action Plan was approved to strengthen national unity, consolidate Ukrainian society and support public initiatives in this area.

Point 10 of the Plan provides for the Ministry of Social Policy to develop, together with civil society organizations, proposals for amending the Law of Ukraine “On Voluntary Activities” (hereinafter – the Law) in support of the development of volunteer activities in Ukraine.

Volunteering extends to all spheres of public life, in particular, social services; assistance to citizens affected by the emergency situation, internally displaced persons; health, education and science, physical culture and sports; culture and preservation of cultural heritage, historical and cultural environment, animal protection and environmental protection; help to eliminate the consequences of emergencies of anthropogenic or natural character; assistance to the military formation and law enforcement agencies in the conduct of the antiterrorist operation; other directions.

Realization of the state policy in the sphere of volunteer activity is carried out, in particular, by state authorities and local self-government bodies within the limits of their powers.

In accordance with the Law and Regulations on the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from June 17, 2015, № 423, the Ministry of Social Policy is determined by the central executive authority implementing the state policy in the field of volunteer activity.

We invite civil society organizations to join the study of the development of volunteer activities in Ukraine and to submit proposals for amending the Law of Ukraine “On Voluntary Activities” with a view to supporting it.

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Residence permit for volunteers

For the registration of a temporary residence permit, a foreigner or stateless person who has arrived in Ukraine for the conduct of cultural, scientific and educational activities on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by international treaties of Ukraine or special programs, as well as for foreigners or stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine in order to participate in international and regional volunteer programs or participation in the activities of organizations and institutions involved in volunteering activities in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Volunteer activity information “, the information on which is posted on the official web-site of the Ministry of Social Policy, is submitted by:

  • submission of the relevant state body responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports, volunteer programs for participation in which a foreigner or stateless person has arrived in Ukraine;
  • or submission of an organization or institution that engages volunteers in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On volunteer activity”, information on which is placed on the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy and a certificate of state registration of such organization or institution (the original of the document is returned to a foreigner or person without citizenship, and to the application form, a copy of it, certified by an employee of the territorial body / territorial subdivision of the Ministry of Education and Science, authorized by the subject by inserting the mark “According to the original alum “and the signature indicating his position, surname, initials and date).

The Ministry of Social Policy, in accordance with the norms of the Law of Ukraine “On volunteer activity”, as the central executive body, implementing the state policy in the sphere of volunteer activity, fulfills a number of powers:

  • ensures the implementation of state policy in the field of volunteer activity;
  • takes other measures for the development and promotion of volunteering activities;
  • promotes the dissemination of information about volunteer activities;
  • promotes public associations and charitable organizations in their activities aimed at the development of volunteering activities;
  • disseminates information on the state of implementation of sectoral and regional programs for the promotion and support of volunteering activities;
  • publishes on its website available information on organizations and institutions involved in volunteering activities, in particular, information on organizations and institutions that involve foreigners and stateless persons for volunteer activities in the territory of Ukraine within three working days from the date of receipt relevant information;
  • contributes to the implementation of international cooperation on volunteer activities, generalizes and extends the practice of work in this area.

Our company can give you the opportunity to come to authoritative volunteer community organizations and help at the same time to get a visa D to Ukraine, including from India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan and other countries.

Contact us for help and we will do everything for your legal stay in Ukraine.

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Migration legislation is becoming tougher

Migration legislation is becoming tougher.

Now it is more difficult to apply for a residence permit. Many foreigners with a visa-free entry procedure have lost this opportunity and they need to leave Ukraine and wait up to 4 months outside of Ukraine.

So, from 01.06.2018 documents for registration of a temporary residence permit are submitted not later than 15 working days before the end of the established period of stay in Ukraine.

We remind you that foreigners who legally arrived in Ukraine can temporarily stay on its territory:

1) provided for a visa authorization within the period of validity of the visa in the case of entry of persons without citizenship and foreigners who are citizens of countries with a visa to enter the order if other term is not defined by international treaties of Ukraine;

2) no more than 90 days within 180 days upon entry of foreigners who are citizens of countries with visa-free entry, if other term is not defined by international treaties of Ukraine.

Calculations allowed to a foreigner who is a national of a visa-free entry (hereinafter – the foreigner), the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine executed by the officials of the State Border Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – the State Border Service) and the State Migration Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – SMS), within the scope of certain legislation of Ukraine.

During his stay on the territory of Ukraine of calculating the permitted period of stay the foreigner is carried out by officials of SMS deductions 180 days ago, with control of the day (the day on which you want to determine the legality of the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine). The foreigner did not violate this deadline, if within this 180-day period he stayed on the territory of Ukraine for not more than 90 days.

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Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800

Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800

From the bribe in the amount of $ 800, the border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kiev” refused.

The Iraqi citizen offered improper benefit, who was denied passage at the Boryspil border crossing point at border checkpoints and how he did not confirm the purpose of his trip to Ukraine.

Already at the time of his return by a return flight, the foreigner offered the employee of the State Border Service 800 US dollars, which he received a categorical refusal.

Now the citizen is denied admission across the border. A notice has been sent to him to bring to Yedrei information about the discovery of signs of a criminal offense under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Proposal, promise or provision of improper benefit to an official”.

In general, only since the beginning of the year the State Border Service employees refused bribes in more than 130 cases.

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In the capital’s airports, border guards carry out the action “Give a smile on the border!”

Border guards separate checkpoint “Kyiv” in the capital’s international airport “Kiev” and “Borispol” throughout the day to welcome the traveling women on International Women’s Day. This action is one-time and is only held today, on March 8.

All women who on this festive day following through the state border of Ukraine accept greeting cards from the Ukrainian frontier guards. It is worth noting that even young and very young ladies, accompanied by their parents, receive greeting cards.

The guards of the border happily manage to give a good mood to the beautiful half of humanity at the first outpost of the country, at the checkpoint.

In turn, the women of Ukraine, the EU and other countries sincerely thanked for such pleasure and admitted that it was very pleasant and unexpected for them to receive congratulations right on the airport territory.

The action “Give a smile on the border” was not only an interesting surprise for travelers, but it also gave smiles and a good mood to all women on this beautiful holiday, March 8!

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Beware, fake passports

Subdivisions of the State Border Service continue to identify forged passport and other documents

The main expert-forensic center continues to carry out tasks on forensic and technical and criminalistic support of state border guard agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

So, only last week, based on the results of forensic examinations on the decisions of the pre-trial investigation investigative authorities appointed in the criminal proceedings opened under Art. 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and expert studies on the requests of the heads of State Border Guard Bodies of State Border Service, experts of the Main Center installed 2 completely counterfeit passports of Ukrainian citizens, a completely counterfeit passport of a Moldovan citizen, 2 partially counterfeit passports of citizens of Bulgaria and France, 12 forged impressions of competent Ukrainian authorities and others .

In addition, the experts of the Main Center took part in carrying out joint investigative (search) actions with the officers of the Department for the Protection of National Statehood of the Security Service of Ukraine for the pre-trial investigation initiated by the illegal movement of members of international terrorist organizations across the state border of Ukraine by issuing passports of Ukrainian citizens for traveling abroad. During the operational activities it was recorded and identified: stamps on the crossing of the borders of the EU member states, stamps of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, migration cards of one of the CIS countries, visas of Arab states, passports of citizens of Ukraine – Crimea residents, certificates on registration of internally displaced persons persons, as well as other materials that were used in unlawful activities.

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Legacy and heirs in Ukraine

In resolving the dispute over the inheritance of rights to property that is abroad or with the participation of a foreigner, it is necessary to determine whether there is an agreement on legal aid with this country and whether this agreement does not provide for other rules of inheritance than in the Ukrainian legislation.

In the case of divergences, the rules of an international treaty apply.

The right to inherit immovable property, in accordance with Article 71 of the Law of Ukraine “On Private International Law”, is governed by the legislation of the country in whose territory the property is located.

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Realtor services, activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor

Realtor services / activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor

From the beginning we will analyze who and what services are provided by real estate agencies.

The realtor is an individual entrepreneur or legal entity professionally engaged in intermediary activities in the conclusion of transactions of sale, lease of commercial and residential real estate by means of contracting partners and obtaining commissions.

Broker – Reseller. As a rule, he is professionally engaged in mediation in the purchase and sale of goods, securities, services, insurance, contributes to the conclusion of sales transactions through the construction of partners. In the USSR, mostly apartment brokers were known. In the time of the emergence of capitalism, most of them began to engage in real estate.

A broker is a legal entity or individual that carries out intermediary functions between the seller and the buyer. Also coordinates the work of realtors in the real estate agency.

All listed professionals in their professional activities should be guided by the applicable legislation regarding the provision of real estate services. The main normative and legal acts are the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On the State Registration of Real Rights to Real Estate and its Encumbrances”, etc.

As you know from the definition of “realtor” – its services include not only viewing apartments. Modern AGENCIES of real estate provide a wide range of real estate services in various spheres. Such, in particular. is:

– buying and selling, leasing real estate;

– search for sellers / buyers;

– legal support of the agreement;

– registration or registration of an object in state or other bodies;

– consultations on real estate transactions;

– assistance in obtaining loans;

– legalization of changes in real estate objects;

– independent expert evaluation of all types of real estate, consultations on the determination of the value of objects (house, cottage, apartment, land, building, premises, office);

– carrying out a complex of promotional activities aimed at promoting the object;

– advice on choosing an insurance company and real estate insurance issues (apartments, houses, cottages, buildings);

– preparation, reception and registration of a complete package of documents for all types of real estate operations.

How to choose a realtor right ?!

We modulate the situation, which is usually carried out the choice of the realtor: 1) call the realtor; 2) meeting with the realtor; 3) receiving answers to the questions asked; 4) making a decision on cooperation and / or rejection of a particular realtor’s candidacy; 5) signing a cooperation agreement or / or seeking another specialist.

Are the main and determining criteria for choosing their intermediary (realtor) in the real estate market – long experience, legal legal status, narrow specialization, recommendations of friends and acquaintances. But! Even the listed NONE gives you a guarantee of a quick and effective solution to the issue.

In order to avoid fraud or incompetence, the following should be taken into account:

– A skilled specialist can clearly and objectively outline the maximum achievable result at once. Therefore, as a realtor who will provide “rainbow” promises to the client, it will quickly start to exert pressure on the client, which will eventually end with a rupture of cooperation or a transaction on extremely unprofitable terms for the client. We must remember that the realtor can only offer, and the decision always accepts the client;

– Qualified realtor services can not cost a penny. Remember that a person who works for a minimum reward is most likely an unqualified specialist in his case;

– during all time, work with the realtor should be comfortable. Reeltor with sufficient experience first of all cares about the needs of the client, and not on the characteristics of the property (this is a secondary issue). Lower level specialists can impose your property and “run in front of the carriage” with the implementation of the transaction and its accompaniment, etc .;

– all the nuances that may arise with the work of the realtor (with the realtor) is better to discuss immediately. These can be – the benefits of a particular realtor over other realtors (number of closed deals, the number of repeated calls, etc.); 2) terms of purchase / sale (stipulated in advance with indication of actions in case of non-solution of the issue); 3) the number of objects with which the realtor works simultaneously (we must remember that if more than 3-5 objects are simultaneously working, the efficiency may be low), etc. It is best to consolidate all the points in the agreement so that there will not be any misunderstandings.

On the basis of all of the foregoing, one can conclude that if you do not have the time and the desire to independently deal with the real estate transaction, then the realtor is the first person to meet and to choose which should be approached thoughtfully and prudently.



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Responsibility in the absence of registration at the place of residence

Responsibility in the absence of registration at the place of residence

As stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine, every citizen has the right to free movement and choice of place of residence. Such freedoms apply to all those who are on the territory of Ukraine for the legitimate reasons.

Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of movement and free choice of place of residence in Ukraine” defines the rules of registration of the place of residence of individuals, according to which citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in the country are obliged to register their place of residence during 30 days. It is precisely this time limit that is permissible for an unpunished stay without registration if a person has changed his place of residence. So, when changing a place of residence, it is necessary within a month to cancel the registration at the old place of residence and open on a new one.

Under the current legislation, local authorities, having the authority, conduct a registration on the day the application is submitted. Now it is allowed to cancel the old registration at the same time and open a new one – it saves time considerably (citizens submit one application and pay an administrative fee for one operation).

The indicated authorities conduct registration and record information on the registration of the place of residence in the territorial demographic register, which are further located in the Unified State Demographic Registry of Ukraine.

Recall that the primary registration of the place of residence is based on the fact of birth. Parents / legal representatives register the place of residence of the child born within three months from the date of the state registration of the birthday.

Why do I need to register a place of residence? For official correspondence with citizens on taxation, notifications about the necessity to fulfill state obligations and court decisions provided by laws. Also, the place of residence is required for notarization of contracts subject to mandatory state registration. In the field of civil acts performed by individuals, these are the operations of the alienation of movable and immovable property, inheritance and contracts of donation, care, life maintenance, etc.

Article 197 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses provides for liability for residence without registration of a place of residence.

From the beginning there is an administrative warning, and then, if these offenses are committed repeatedly within a year, it already entails a fine in the amount of one to three non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

Also, delay in registration of newborn children without good reason is considered a violation, which is punishable by a fine of one to three non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens, but in this case, without warning. Such a norm is enshrined in Article 212-1 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses.

Now about the size of the non-taxable minimum. Paragraph 169.1.1 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (PCU) and Item 5 of subsection 1 of Section XX of the Transitional Provisions of the Tax Code stipulates that, in complying with the norms of administrative and criminal legislation, this amount shall equal 50% of the monthly subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons.

In the Law “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2018”, at the legislative level, the appropriate amounts of the monthly living wage for able-bodied persons (PMPO) are determined for three budget periods:

– January 1 – July 1, PMPO – UAH 1762;

– July 1 – December 1, PMPO – UAH 1841;

– December 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019 PUMO – UAH 1921

For the same periods fines on the basis of the size of the PMPO, taking into account the rate of 50% for administrative and criminal penalties, will be the following amounts:

– January 1 – July 1: 50% IPO – UAH 881; fine in the range of 881-2643 UAH;

– July 1 – December 1: 50% of the PMPO – UAH 920.5; a fine in the range of 920,5-2761,5 UAH;

– December 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019: 50% PMPO – 960.5 UAH; a fine in the range of 960.5-2881.5 UAH.




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The Chairman of the Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk presented

The Chairman of the State Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk presented a public report on the work of the SMS for 2017 during the extended extended meeting of the HMS collegium with the participation of heads of territorial bodies and structural units.

Maxim Sokolyuk stressed that in 2016-2017, a deep reform of the documenting system was started, and if by that time the legislation was changed and new mechanisms of identification and documentation were introduced in principle, in 2018 the migration service should begin systemic changes in the work of civil service units. It’s not just about equipping the premises and upgrading the equipment park, but also about optimizing the structure and the functional load on the workers.

According to the head of the migration service, it is extremely important to speed up the processes of separation of functions “front” and “back” of the office, it is extremely important from the point of view of ensuring more effective cooperation with the centers of provision of administrative services, which are increasingly involved in the design of biometric documents.

An important direction of the reform, according to Sokolyuk, is a clear unification of the work of VMI employees in the provision of services. The Migration Service has established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the most popular services, which describe how a SMS employee should act in each situation. To coordinate the activities of territorial units in the regional departments, special units will be created that will continuously monitor the quality of providing administrative services to citizens.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of countering corruption in the SMS. The head of the department noted that the recent detentions of SMS employees by law enforcers testify to significant shortcomings of the heads of territorial bodies, almost complete absence of effective control over the work of subordinates. SMS actively studies all procedures for the presence of corruption risks and actively promotes law enforcement in the disclosure of criminals among SMS workers. Information on the announcement on the Internet from individuals and organizations about “acceleration” the issuance of passports in the event of detection is transferred to law enforcement agencies, often in such schemes are involved and employees of territorial units of the migration service. However, according to Maxim Sokolyuk, it is the passivity of the heads of territorial bodies that favors such “activity” of subordinates – effective control will significantly reduce the work of law enforcement agencies.


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Marriage with ukrainian girl

Before addressing this issue, it is necessary to understand exactly what is hidden under the term “marriage”. Officially adopted in our country, the definition tells us that this is a certain kind of relationship, Union, concluded between a man and a woman, registered by the authorized bodies of Executive power. In this case, we are talking about the Rass authorized to perform marriages, not only among citizens of Ukraine or foreigners or persons without in this time of certain nationalities.

For marriage, the person concerned must meet the following criteria:

At the time of marriage to reach eighteen years of age. At the same time, there are a large number of exceptions that allow you to do this two years earlier, that is, at sixteen. To do this, you just need to get the appropriate court order.
Persons who marry must not be bound to other persons who do not participate in a particular procedure.

Marriage should not be hindered by anything. For example, registration will be refused if the spouses are going to become siblings, relatives in a straight line. It should also be noted that the adoptive parent can not marry an adopted person.

It is important to clarify that compliance with all these conditions is mandatory, confirmed by the registration of certain documents, accompanying registration. With regard to direct marriage to an alien, he allowed him to obtain a fully legal residence permit for up to two calendar years. If the marriage bond will continue after the end of this period, the foreigner will be entitled to a longer residence in the territory of our country.

Thus such person is obliged to provide the following package of documents:

Passport, which indicates the fact of legal stay in Ukraine. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the need to take into account the peculiarities of the border crossing with a particular state. I mean, does it require a visa.
A document confirming that the foreigner is not currently married in his / her country. It must be issued by the country whose nationality the foreigner holds.

Any document issued by foreign authorities must be provided in the original and translated into Ukrainian version. This requirement is due to the need to accurately interpret the information contained in the documents.

Procedure for registration of marriage with a foreigner

In order to fully go through the procedure under consideration, it is necessary to take a completely fixed set of steps, which should eventually lead to the desired result.

The sequence of actions, according to the current legislation in Ukraine, will look as follows:

Individual who plans to become a married couple must personally apply to the civil registry office statements prepared in accordance with the state standard. The party claimant is entitled to choose a proper registry office without reference to the place of residence and other factors. At the same time, if the future spouse-foreigner can not participate in the submission of documents, his signature must be certified by a notary, and the relevant application is submitted by an authorized representative, chosen voluntarily.

After the public authorities of the rags check and accept applications, their representative introduces applicants to their rights and obligations, as well as tells about the current procedure of marriage. Spouses may also obtain any necessary information regarding the future procedure. This will help to get rid of a number of possible difficulties, because all possible nuances will be taken into account.

The representative of the rags is obliged to notify the persons who submitted the application, that they can pre-undergo a medical examination, designed to establish the current state of health. The fact of consent, or refusal, is recorded in a special form of the act record and transferred to the archive.

After that, by mutual agreement of the parties, a specific day is appointed, on which the wedding is scheduled. In this case, the registration of marriage with a foreigner is carried out on a common basis within one month, or more, provided that there are proven valid reasons.

The registration of the marriage itself may be carried out exclusively in the presence of all the parties who have applied.

Based on all the above, we can draw a logical conclusion that the registration of marriage between a foreigner and a person with Ukrainian citizenship is carried out completely on a common basis, without any differences.

Possible difficulties

At the same time, the process of collecting and submitting the required set of documentation becomes a bit more complicated. It requires a lot of attention to detail, and therefore, in order to guarantee the desired result, it is better to immediately contact a specialist. This will allow you to lose a large number of worries, as well as save a huge amount of time.

An important caveat is that all submitted to the civil registry documents must first get to the legalization. Literally it means recognition of the document in the territory of Ukraine. Without this, it is simply impossible to continue marriage with sufficient legal grounds.

In addition, it should be noted that the documents provided are not always recognized as valid. Even a minor mistake, or a minor inaccuracy, can put an end to the plans for early marriage on a common basis. Just in order to avoid such a development and you need to turn to a qualified specialist who is able to take on all the costs and main difficulties.

How is marriage abroad

Having considered the situation when marriage with a foreigner is on the territory of Ukraine, it is impossible to pass by the variant of the development of events when a citizen of our country enters into marriage relations abroad. This procedure requires compliance with a certain sequence of actions, as well as taking into account a very specific set of nuances. First of all, the experts recommend that all related documentation be collected with the greatest possible care.

We are talking about a passport, birth certificate (for some countries it is critically important), an actual certificate of marital status, and so on. In particular, a certificate of completion of divorce proceedings in Ukraine may be requested.

Of course, it will not be possible to do without translation of each document into the language, which is the title language in a particular country. Also, if the state is included in the list of signatories to the Hague Convention, the main indicator of the recognition of your documents will be a special apostille affixed to them. At the same time for registration of marriage it is enough to issue departure on the most ordinary tourist visa. This is very convenient, as it does not require excessive effort and saves a lot of time, provided that your case will be dealt with by a real professional.

System of education in Ukraine 2018

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We remind you that it is difficult to leave children (under the age of 16) abroad abroad

We remind you that it is difficult to leave children (under the age of 16) abroad abroad.

In its resolution, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Rules for the Crossing of the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine” dated 19.10.2016 N 733 prohibited crossing the border for children under 16 years of age accompanied by one of the parents without a notarized consent of another parent without a mark passport document on acceptance for permanent consular registration.

Previously, for border crossing it was enough to note that there was a temporary consular registration, which in future could lead to a complaint about the legality of the departure.

Now, the new order is designed to prevent the illegal exportation of children by one parent without permission of another, will promote the protection of the rights of both children and the other parent.

Also, some changes to the current legislation are planned. Namely, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Foreign Affairs recommended adopting in the first reading a draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts on the Procedure for the Removal from Ukraine of People’s Deputies of Ukraine”. The document proposes to ban the departure from Ukraine of people’s deputies, regarding which in the Verkhovna Rada a submission to the Prosecutor General’s Office was filed for permission to prosecute, detain or arrest.

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Ukraine approached to the non-visibility regime still with South Korea

Ukraine approached visa-free regime with one more country

Ukrainians will soon be able to obtain a visa-free travel with South Korea. This was written in Facebook head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.

The issue of visa-free regime was decided during the last visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to Seoul.

“During the brief visit to Seoul, the delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was able to discuss a number of key issues of cooperation.” At a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, the General Police Commissioner, the head of the presidential council, we did our work to conclude negotiations on a package of mutual recognition of personal documents of citizens, visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens! ” – said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

The Ministry also noted the high interest of the South Korean side in cooperation with Ukraine. It should extend to the industrial and technical sphere, the space program, as well as infrastructure projects.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, already held a coordination meeting of the services for the implementation of the agreements reached with South Korea.

Cooperation between Ukraine and Poland

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A new Law On education

In 2017, Ukraine adopted a new Law On education, which is already fully operational in 2018.

Under the new Law, education is the Foundation of intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural development of personality, its successful socialization, economic prosperity, the key to the development of society, United by common values and culture, and the state.

The purpose of education vstanovleno comprehensive development of personality and the highest values of society, her talents, intellectual, creative and physical abilities, formation of values and necessary for the successful fulfillment of competencies, the education of responsible citizens capable of conscious public choice and direction of its activities for the benefit of others and society, the enrichment on that basis of the intellectual, economic, creative, cultural potential of the Ukrainian people, the increase in the educational level of the citizens to ensure sustainable development of Ukraine and its European choice.


Lawyer Alexander Evsutin & Partners offers expert legal aid for immigration cases in the legalization of foreigners in Ukraine, support of foreign investments, obtaining residence permit, citizenship of Ukraine. The lifting of the ban entry into Ukraine. International attorneys and lawyers.


A new Law of Ukraine On education

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How after the divorce leave the child with his father

In the Family code of Ukraine, both parents have equal rights to children, so the mother and the father can equally claim custody of them in the event of divorce. On the other hand, there is a well-established jurisprudence, given the national mentality and religious belief that children cannot be separated from their mother. Therefore, in most cases, the courts decide on the child’s residence is not in favor of the father, and he has the role of alimony payer and the right to see the children, and to take other part in their lives.

But if you are determined to fight for the right of children to live with their father, you have every right to do so. Our lawyers for family Affairs has considered this matter and give the following tips.

In which cases the child stays with the father

After divorce, children stay with their father in the following cases:

  1. A mother may refuse children to live with her. In this case, it signs a voluntary refusal.
  2. With the filing of the guardianship court can take away from his wife the right to leave her child. We are talking about situations where the former spouse committed a crime, is on the account as alcohol – or drug-addicts, recognized as incapable, a danger to the health of the child, etc. can Additionally be made a decision on the prohibition of the mother to see the kids, up to the deprivation of parental rights.
  3. The child himself wants to stay with his father. The law stipulates that children over 14 years of age can decide with whom to live if the parents have decided to terminate the marriage. Children over 10 years of age may also be interviewed to determine their attachment to the mother and father. This information may significantly affect the position of the court.

If your case does not fall under the above, then you should prepare for a lengthy trial.

What line of defense to stick to in court

Based on their experience and the experience of colleagues, family specialists of our legal aid centre are recommended to follow the following line of protection in order to leave the child with the father after divorce.

First, when considering such cases, the court is obliged to make a decision in the interests of the child. So you have to focus on why he would be better off living with his father. The argument in the style of more money and better living space will not pass, this issue can be resolved through alimony and the division of joint property. It is necessary to prove that the Pope is regularly engaged in the upbringing of children, knows how to care for them, has a stable psychological relationship with the child, etc.

Secondly, in any case can not let mother to talk with the children or turn them against her. Such facts are easy to prove in the course of the trial and they will negate all efforts to create an image of a positive father. You must show that you want to leave the children to themselves, because they will be better. Not because you don’t want them to live with their mother all the time.

Third, it is not necessary to replace the concepts and make false accusations against the former wife. Attempts to defame the mother will also play against you. If the facts of alcohol abuse, asocial behavior, non-participation in the lives of children, etc., took place, then they should be voiced only if there is strong evidence.

In order to make more precise recommendations, each situation must be considered on a case-by-case basis. But first where to start in such cases is to appeal to bodies of guardianship and guardianship. They must conclude that the father is in a position to provide the children with decent living conditions, as well as to educate and educate them.

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Documents for registration of residence permit a marriage with the citizens of Ukraine


For registration of residence permit the foreigner or person without citizenship who arrived in Ukraine with the purpose of family reunification with persons who are citizens of Ukraine, or who while staying legally on the territory of Ukraine in cases specified in parts of the third — twelfth of article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On legal status of foreigners and stateless persons”, entered into a marriage with the citizens of Ukraine served:


  • statement;
  • passport document of a foreigner or the document proving the identity without citizenship (is returned upon presentation), with a visa type D, unless otherwise provided by laws and international treaties of Ukraine, and copies of passport pages with personal data and visa (if any);
  • translation into the Ukrainian language page of the passport document of the foreigner or the document proving the identity without citizenship, with personal data, certified in the manner prescribed by law;
  • petition (submission) of the host party (a citizen of Ukraine, who is married to a foreigner or a stateless person);
  • the original (is returned upon presentation) and a copy of the document confirming the fact of stay in a marriage with a citizen of Ukraine (documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign States shall be legalized in the prescribed manner, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine);
  • a medical insurance policy, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine;
  • receipt of state duty payment or the document confirming the availability of benefits with respect to its payment;
  • four photographs of a foreigner and stateless person size 3,5 x 4,5 cm on matte paper (you may view the photos in hats, not hide the face oval, citizens, religious beliefs which do not allow to appear in front of strangers without hats, if their passport documents, they are depicted in headdresses);
  • a copy issued by the tax authority the taxpayer identification number (if any).
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All 102 countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians

Here are all the countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians!

There are already 102 of them !! And it becomes more.

A new Ukrainian passport – and the whole world is open to you.

If you have already received a Ukrainian biometric passport, of course.
Only six months have passed since the visa-free regime with the Schengen zone began to operate in Ukraine, and the number of countries opening their borders continues to be replenished.

So, more recently, the United Arab Emirates has become much more accessible.

Canada also announced plans to mark visas for Ukrainians.
In general, from 195 countries of the world today we are free to access 101 – 51%, slightly more than half!
We decided to publish a full list of countries where Ukrainians can come today, having only a biometric passport.

Schengen countries:


1. Austria.

2. Andorra.

3. Belgium.

4. The Vatican.

5. Hungary.


6. Germany.

7. Greece.

8. Denmark.

9. Iceland.

10. Spain.

11. Italy.

12. Latvia.


13. Lithuania.

14. Liechtenstein.

15. Luxembourg.

16. Malta.

17. Monaco.

18. The Netherlands.


19. Norway.

20. Poland.

21. Portugal.

22. San Marino.

23. Slovakia.

24. Slovenia.

25. Finland.

Czech Republic

27. Czech Republic.

26. France.

28. Switzerland.

29. Sweden.

30. Estonia.

EU countries that are not members of the Schengen area:


31. Bulgaria.

32. Cyprus.

33. Romania.

34. Croatia.



Other countries:


35. Azerbaijan.
36. Albania.
37. Argentina.
38. Armenia.
39. Belarus.
40. Brazil.

41. Haiti.
42. Guatemala.
43. Honduras.
44. Grenada.
45. Georgia.


46. ​​Dominican Republic.

47. Israel.
48. Kazakhstan.
49. Costa Rica.
50. Kyrgyzstan.
51. Macedonia.

52. Moldova.
53. Mongolia. 54. Namibia.
55. Panama.
56. Paraguay.


57. Peru.

58. Russia.
59. El Salvador.
60. Tajikistan.
61. Uzbekistan.
62. Montenegro.
63. Chile.
64. Ecuador.

Countries issuing entry visas:


65. Australia.

66. Bangladesh.
67. Barbados.
68. Bahrain.
69. Benin.
70. Bolivia.
71. Burkina Faso.
72. East Timor.
73. Viet Nam.
74. The Gambia.
75. Djibouti.


76. Dominica.
77. Zambia.

78. Jordan.
79. Iran.
80. Cape Verde.
81. Cambodia.
82. Comoros.
83. Laos.

84. Lebanon.
85. Mauritius.
86. Madagascar.
87. Malawi.
88. Maldives.
89. Nepal.


90. Pakistan.
91. Rwanda.
92. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
93. Syria.
94. Thailand.
95. Tanzania.

96. Togo.
97. Tonga.
98. Tuvalu.
99. Uganda.
100. Fiji.
101. Southern Sudan.

102. To enter Mexico, electronic registration is required to obtain an electronic entry permit or US visa.

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