Legal Services for Foreigners and Stateless Persons

We offer foreigners obtaining a temporary residence permit for one year through the creation of business and employment on your company:

2300 USD – when applying for a residence permit for 1 year (including all taxes and fees, transfers and preparation of documents)

2900 USD – when applying for a residence permit for 3 year (including all taxes and fees, transfers and preparation of documents).

In the result You get:

  • a new company in Your name (legal address of the company), through which You may wish to carry out business.
  • a work permit for one year.

Document for temporary residence permit (similar to a passport) with stamp of registration of residence in Ukraine (with the address).

If You have a “D” visa and you are not in Ukraine, then You can submit the work permit in any Consulate (Embassy) of Ukraine at the place of Your permanent residence and obtain a visa “D”.


The cost of individual services:

  • Power of attorney to our employee (1 days) $80
  • Ukrainian ID number (Tax ID number, Taxpayer card) (5-7 days) $100
  • Registration of a company with limited liability (LLC) – $300 (if the presence of the Director and legal address)
  • Consultations on preparation of documents by a Client to obtain visa to Ukraine and preparing for the interview at the Consulate – $ 150
  • Work permit in Ukraine  (15 days) $500 (if the presence of the employer)
  • Temporary residence permit in Ukraine (10-12 days) $600 (if there are grounds)
  • Permanent residence permit in Ukraine (30-40  days) $1200 (if there are grounds)
  • The citizenship of Ukraine  $500 – $1500 (if there are grounds)
  • Registration of a company in the State Migration Service of Ukraine (OVIR) (10-12 days)    $280
  • Registration of foreigners in the State Migration Service of Ukraine (OVIR)  (5 days)      $200
  • Foreign employee service card (5 days)  $150
  • Registration of tax resident status (5 days) $160
  • Certificate of criminal record  (1 day)  $100
  • Business invitation (1 days) – $150
  • Business invitation with hotel reservation and guarantee letter (2 days) – $200
  • Help in renting an apartment or a house – 50 percent of the rent for one month
  • Registration in Ukraine (registration at the address) – from $ 300 per year


Compliance Audits for Visa «D»:
– $150 per file.  If you scan and send us ten of your files, we can audit them and tell you how they should be corrected/improved. You can then implement the improved procedures for all cases.

Justice investigations 

– $2,000. Our office routinely represents employers in investigations conducted by CIS, Ukraine Department of Labor and other agencies. Note that these fees represent our typical anticipated charges for non-routine services.  Please contact us for fee information if you would like assistance in any such matter.

Note: For audits and investigations, please make a 15-minute appointment to assess your case.


We take pride in our ability to provide value-based billing. Much of our work is done on a flat fee basis. In some cases, we are retained on hourly basis. Our firm is unique in our knowledge of several key areas of legal practice including: immigration laws with special focus on business/professional immigration and complex immigration issues, private international law, business law and complex litigation.

Our current hourly charge are as follows:

Alexander N. Eusuitin: $150-200/hour
Attorneys: $100/hour
Supervisory Paralegals: $80/hour
Paralegals and Case Managers: $30/hour


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