Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800

Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800

From the bribe in the amount of $ 800, the border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kiev” refused.

The Iraqi citizen offered improper benefit, who was denied passage at the Boryspil border crossing point at border checkpoints and how he did not confirm the purpose of his trip to Ukraine.

Already at the time of his return by a return flight, the foreigner offered the employee of the State Border Service 800 US dollars, which he received a categorical refusal.

Now the citizen is denied admission across the border. A notice has been sent to him to bring to Yedrei information about the discovery of signs of a criminal offense under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Proposal, promise or provision of improper benefit to an official”.

In general, only since the beginning of the year the State Border Service employees refused bribes in more than 130 cases.

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