Fake marriage with a citizen of Ukraine

Help in getting married for a foreigner with a citizen of Ukraine

For foreigners or stateless persons who wish to obtain Ukrainian citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, one of the legal grounds is to register the marriage of a foreigner with a citizen of Ukraine and stay there for more than two years.

In fact, legislation has created conditions under which it is difficult for a foreigner who has no relatives in Ukraine to obtain a permanent residence permit and immigrate to Ukraine. The grounds for obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine are very limited and impracticable for many.

Immigration to Ukraine after registration of a marriage with a Ukrainian (Ukrainian) is possible and requires a long period of time (about 3 years) and the guarantee that a citizen of Ukraine will not unilaterally terminate his marriage after registration of the marriage will not extort money from a foreigner and blackmail him.

Remember that in the event of a conflict with your spouse, he can unilaterally terminate the marriage in court within 2 months and you will lose the possibility of a temporary stay in Ukraine and more opportunities to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Specialized law firms in Ukraine provide their clients with services to assist in concluding a marriage between a foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine, as well as obtaining a future foreigner, first a temporary and then permanent residence permit in Ukraine, and then even Ukrainian citizenship.

Service includes:

  • Providing legal advice;
  • Negotiations with potential brides (grooms) and clarification of all legal norms;
  • Collection of necessary documents for marriage and their legalization;
  • Facilitation of marriage registration procedures (marriage acceleration – in one day);
  • The conclusion of the marriage contract;
  • Marriage registration;
  • Registration of residence permit.


  • We check applicants and marry with citizens of Ukraine who have not been sentenced to imprisonment, have not previously been in fictitious marriages, have not been repaid loans, debts, there are no offenses. Marriages are made with those who are personally acquainted and have a good reputation.
  • We are not looking for brides through marriage agencies, as well as questionable dating sites, but work only on the basis of our own partner companies.
  • The future spouses do not have to live together and maintain a common household; the spouse will not pay child support to other children, be responsible for financial obligations and perform other duties of the spouses;
  • We collect the necessary documents, their translation and legalization;
  • If a foreigner stays in the country for 1-2 weeks, and the marriage cannot be concluded within a month after submitting the application (usually such a procedure), we can decide so that the foreigner does not come to Ukraine twice, and we can speed up the procedure marriage registration in 1 or 2-3 days;
  • In order to protect the interests of a foreigner and a bride, we conclude a marriage contract in which we prescribe that the parties do not have property claims against each other, and that the property they acquired in the future is the personal property of everyone; obligations to third parties are their personal obligations (for example, loans or debts);
  • We help to dissolve the marriage in court, if there is such a need.

Stages of cooperation with us:

  • Come to our office and get advice;
  • Make a contract for legal services;
  • Pay for the cost of services;
  • Provide the necessary documents;
  • We make a marriage and get a marriage certificate;
  • Registration of a temporary residence permit every year, and after 2 years of marriage – a permanent residence permit (paid separately);
  • Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship after 2 years of marriage (paid separately).

Documents from the newlyweds:

  • Originals of the bride’s passport and certificate of assignment of an identification code.
  • The original passport of a foreigner with a mark on obtaining a residence permit and a visa or stamp on crossing the border.
  • Translation of a foreigner passport into Ukrainian.
  • Certificate of temporary residence (subject to availability).

If you thought that you can also arrange a fake marriage, then you should know that today Ukrainian legislation is quite liberal on this issue, since it does not imply any legal liability for a fake marriage.

The only thing that is specified in the legislation (established in part 2 of article 40 of the Family Code of Ukraine) on this issue is that the marriage can be dissolved in court if it was entered into by a man and a woman or one of them without the intention to start a family and get the rights and obligations of spouses.

Thus, a fictitious marriage with a foreigner can be a good tool, provided that the interests of all parties are taken into account.

Our office is located in a building located at the Pecherskaya metro station, next to the Done service office, where the registration of marriages takes place.

Together we will achieve our goals, because with our help, the interests of each spouse will be protected.

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