Fake marriage with a citizen of Ukraine

For foreigners or stateless persons who wish to obtain Ukrainian citizenship or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, one of the legal grounds is registration of a foreigner’s marriage with a citizen of Ukraine and staying there for more than 2 years. In fact, it is difficult for an alien to immigrate to Ukraine (who is not married) to resolve this issue alone. This requires a long period of time and the assurance that the citizen of Ukraine after the registration of the marriage will not break it unilaterally without returning the money paid for the marriage to the foreigner.

The law firm provides its clients with services for the conclusion of a fictitious marriage between a foreigner and a citizen of Ukraine in order to obtain in the future a foreigner a permanent residence permit in Ukraine and the citizenship of Ukraine.

Our service includes:

  • Providing advice;
  • Finding the bride / groom as soon as possible;
  • Collection of necessary documents for marriage and their legalization;
  • Promoting marriage registration procedures (accelerating the marriage);
  • Conclusion of a marriage contract;
  • Registration of a marriage.

    Our advantages:

  • We make marriages with Ukrainian citizens who were not sentenced to imprisonment, were not previously in fictitious marriages, have not yet been repaid loans, debts, offenses, but only with those we are personally familiar with and have a good reputation. We do not search for brides through marriage agencies, as well as questionable dating sites;
  • Future spouses will not have to live together, run a common household, raise or pay alimony to children, be responsible for financial obligations and fulfill other responsibilities of the spouses;
  • We collect the necessary documents, their translation and legalization;
  • In case if the foreigner is valid for 1-2 weeks, and the marriage is concluded within a month after the submission of the application, so that the foreigner does not arrive in Ukraine twice, we can accelerate the procedure of marriage in 2-3 days;
  • In order to protect the interests of an alien and a bride, we enter into a marriage contract in which we state that the parties do not have property claims to each other; acquired property in the future is a private personal property of everyone; obligations to third parties are their personal obligations;
  • We help break the marriage in court, if there is such a necessity.

    Stages of cooperation with us:

  • Come to our office and get advice;
  • To arrange a contract for legal services;
  • Pay the cost of services;
  • Provide the necessary documents;
  • Get ready for the document (marriage certificate);
  • Registration of a temporary, permanent residence permit (paid separately);
  • Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship (paid separately).

To date, Ukrainian legislation is fairly liberal about this issue, since it does not imply any legal liability for fictitious marriage. The only thing stated in the legislation on this subject is that it can be terminated in court if it was concluded by a man and a woman or one of them without the intention of creating a family and acquiring the rights and obligations of the spouses of Part 2 of Art. 40 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

Thus, a fake marriage with a foreigner can be a good tool, provided that the interests of all parties are taken into account. That is, everyone understands the purpose and purpose of the transaction and does not try to cheat each other. Together, we will achieve our goals, because with our help the interests of each spouse will be protected.

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