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Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800

Iraqi citizen tried to illegally enter Ukraine for $ 800 From the bribe in the amount of $ 800, the border guards of the Separate checkpoint “Kiev” refused. The Iraqi citizen offered improper benefit, who was denied passage at the

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In the capital’s airports, border guards carry out the action “Give a smile on the border!”

Border guards separate checkpoint “Kyiv” in the capital’s international airport “Kiev” and “Borispol” throughout the day to welcome the traveling women on International Women’s Day. This action is one-time and is only held today, on March 8. All women who

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Beware, fake passports

Subdivisions of the State Border Service continue to identify forged passport and other documents The main expert-forensic center continues to carry out tasks on forensic and technical and criminalistic support of state border guard agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

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Legacy and heirs in Ukraine

In resolving the dispute over the inheritance of rights to property that is abroad or with the participation of a foreigner, it is necessary to determine whether there is an agreement on legal aid with this country and whether this

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Realtor services, activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor

Realtor services / activity in Ukraine and how to choose a realtor From the beginning we will analyze who and what services are provided by real estate agencies. The realtor is an individual entrepreneur or legal entity professionally engaged in

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Responsibility in the absence of registration at the place of residence

Responsibility in the absence of registration at the place of residence As stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine, every citizen has the right to free movement and choice of place of residence. Such freedoms apply to all those who are

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The Chairman of the Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk presented

The Chairman of the State Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk presented a public report on the work of the SMS for 2017 during the extended extended meeting of the HMS collegium with the participation of heads of territorial bodies and structural

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MARRIAGE WITH A FOREIGNER Marriage with ukrainian girl Before addressing this issue, it is necessary to understand exactly what is hidden under the term “marriage”. Officially adopted in our country, the definition tells us that this is a certain kind

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We remind you that it is difficult to leave children (under the age of 16) abroad abroad

We remind you that it is difficult to leave children (under the age of 16) abroad abroad. In its resolution, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Rules for the Crossing of the State Border by Citizens

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Ukraine approached to the non-visibility regime still with South Korea

Ukraine approached visa-free regime with one more country Ukrainians will soon be able to obtain a visa-free travel with South Korea. This was written in Facebook head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov. The issue of visa-free regime was decided

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A new Law On education

In 2017, Ukraine adopted a new Law On education, which is already fully operational in 2018. Under the new Law, education is the Foundation of intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural development of personality, its successful socialization, economic prosperity, the key

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How after the divorce leave the child with his father

In the Family code of Ukraine, both parents have equal rights to children, so the mother and the father can equally claim custody of them in the event of divorce. On the other hand, there is a well-established jurisprudence, given

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Documents for registration of residence permit a marriage with the citizens of Ukraine

  For registration of residence permit the foreigner or person without citizenship who arrived in Ukraine with the purpose of family reunification with persons who are citizens of Ukraine, or who while staying legally on the territory of Ukraine in

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All 102 countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians

Here are all the countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians! There are already 102 of them !! And it becomes more. A new Ukrainian passport – and the whole world is open to you. If you

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Permission for immigration through investments in the economy of Ukraine

The permission to immigrate to Ukraine is granted within the limits of the quota of immigration. The quota of immigration is established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the order determined by him according to categories of immigrants:

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The Citizenship Of Ukraine

One of ways for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine through investment and getting the opportunity to live in Ukraine. At the moment, obtaining a residence permit under this program, simplified. Moreover, subject to certain procedures, it is also possible to get

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How to recognize marriage invalid

HOW TO RECOGNIZE MARRIAGE INVALID From the point of view of jurisprudence, this is a rather complicated and labor-intensive procedure, requiring a lot of experience and knowledge of all the features of this process. It should be noted that it

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How to right rent or to rent house and apartment

HOW TO RIGHT RENT OR TO LEASE (LEARN) HOME AND EARTH. Apartment for rent in Ukraine As of today, contracts for hiring or renting real estate are becoming unusually in demand. Experienced participants of the industry market are surprised to

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What to do after getting private invitation visa of Ukraine

Upon receipt of the original private carposina nekodim you need to prepare the documents and apply for kompetentna body. For visa in consular vddlo of the Embassy of Ukraine in Your country are served the following documents: 1) passport, which

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Tourist voucher for Ukraine visa

Documents confirming the tourist nature of the trip: booking a hotel/ tourist voucher / contract on granting of tourist services. We provide You with: a tourist voucher, confirmation of hotel reservations, insurance, tour program, Bank guarantee, agreement, our license and certificate.

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