All 102 countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians

Here are all the countries where the visa is no longer needed for Ukrainians!

There are already 102 of them !! And it becomes more.

A new Ukrainian passport – and the whole world is open to you.

If you have already received a Ukrainian biometric passport, of course.
Only six months have passed since the visa-free regime with the Schengen zone began to operate in Ukraine, and the number of countries opening their borders continues to be replenished.

So, more recently, the United Arab Emirates has become much more accessible.

Canada also announced plans to mark visas for Ukrainians.
In general, from 195 countries of the world today we are free to access 101 – 51%, slightly more than half!
We decided to publish a full list of countries where Ukrainians can come today, having only a biometric passport.

Schengen countries:


1. Austria.

2. Andorra.

3. Belgium.

4. The Vatican.

5. Hungary.


6. Germany.

7. Greece.

8. Denmark.

9. Iceland.

10. Spain.

11. Italy.

12. Latvia.


13. Lithuania.

14. Liechtenstein.

15. Luxembourg.

16. Malta.

17. Monaco.

18. The Netherlands.


19. Norway.

20. Poland.

21. Portugal.

22. San Marino.

23. Slovakia.

24. Slovenia.

25. Finland.

Czech Republic

27. Czech Republic.

26. France.

28. Switzerland.

29. Sweden.

30. Estonia.

EU countries that are not members of the Schengen area:


31. Bulgaria.

32. Cyprus.

33. Romania.

34. Croatia.



Other countries:


35. Azerbaijan.
36. Albania.
37. Argentina.
38. Armenia.
39. Belarus.
40. Brazil.

41. Haiti.
42. Guatemala.
43. Honduras.
44. Grenada.
45. Georgia.


46. ​​Dominican Republic.

47. Israel.
48. Kazakhstan.
49. Costa Rica.
50. Kyrgyzstan.
51. Macedonia.

52. Moldova.
53. Mongolia. 54. Namibia.
55. Panama.
56. Paraguay.


57. Peru.

58. Russia.
59. El Salvador.
60. Tajikistan.
61. Uzbekistan.
62. Montenegro.
63. Chile.
64. Ecuador.

Countries issuing entry visas:


65. Australia.

66. Bangladesh.
67. Barbados.
68. Bahrain.
69. Benin.
70. Bolivia.
71. Burkina Faso.
72. East Timor.
73. Viet Nam.
74. The Gambia.
75. Djibouti.


76. Dominica.
77. Zambia.

78. Jordan.
79. Iran.
80. Cape Verde.
81. Cambodia.
82. Comoros.
83. Laos.

84. Lebanon.
85. Mauritius.
86. Madagascar.
87. Malawi.
88. Maldives.
89. Nepal.


90. Pakistan.
91. Rwanda.
92. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
93. Syria.
94. Thailand.
95. Tanzania.

96. Togo.
97. Tonga.
98. Tuvalu.
99. Uganda.
100. Fiji.
101. Southern Sudan.

102. To enter Mexico, electronic registration is required to obtain an electronic entry permit or US visa.

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    Hi, Many foreigners could not apply for a residence permit, since now it can be done only if you have a period of stay not less than 15 working days. Later you can not go. What to do?


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